Biden Gaffe: At NATO Conference in Madrid, Biden Mixed Up Switzerland and Sweden

While addressing the member states at the NATO conference in Madrid June 30, 2022, President Biden got mixed up between Switzerland and Sweden. YouTube Tips ⓘ

President Joe Biden might have an earpiece that received messages that correct gaffes.

The 2022 Madrid summit was a meeting of the heads of state and heads of government of NATO member and partner countries held in Madrid, Spain, on June 28-30, 2022.

Jens Stoltenberg reported that key areas to be addressed in the summit include …

strengthened deterrence and defense;

support for Ukraine and other partners at risk;

a new NATO Strategic Concept;

better burden-sharing and resourcing;

and Finland and Sweden’s historic applications for membership

Several thousand people gathered in Madrid to protest NATO on June 26, 2022, calling for the NATO to be dissolved and for the closure of US military bases in Spain. A protest scheduled to occur on the first day of the summit (June 28, 2022) was banned by the Spanish government