US Army Golden Knights Parachute Landing at Nats Park Prompts Evacuation Of US Capitol, Police Say

According to the DC police, a plane used for a parachute landing for the start of the Nationals game triggered the US Capitol Police to send the evacuation alert. YouTube Tips ⓘ

Washington, D.C. — Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the evacuation of the United States Capitol due to the Federal Aviation Administration’s apparent failure to notify U.S. Capitol Police of pre-planned activities:

“Today, and every day, our Congressional community is extraordinarily grateful for the heroism of our United States Capitol Police officers. In ordering the evacuation of the Capitol and vigilantly monitoring for a potential aircraft threat, our officers ensured the safety of all who work in these hallowed halls — and we thank them for their exemplary service.

“The Federal Aviation Administration’s apparent failure to notify Capitol Police of the pre-planned flyover Nationals Stadium is outrageous and inexcusable. The unnecessary panic caused by this apparent negligence was particularly harmful for Members, staff and institutional workers still grappling with the trauma of the attack on their workplace on January 6th.

“Congress looks forward to reviewing the results of a thorough after-action review that determines what precisely went wrong today and who at the Federal Aviation Administration will be held accountable for this outrageous and frightening mistake.”